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Look what we found in South Africa! Travel Channel’s Samantha Brown was recently in Cape Town. Cape Town course in what to eat, things to do and, unforgettable moments: we catch up with Sam on this journey “thin” to achieve the best time.

What were your expectations of Cape Town,

Cape Town for about 10 years I’ve been hearing a lot of great things. On our honeymoon, my husband and I wanted to go where, but due to lack of time, I can not. I arrived early Saturday morning, I was mesmerized by Table Mountain, Cape Town is the only overwhelmingly beautiful, I mean. I went out for a long walk, but I was a bit underwhelmed. I was a ghost town in the center of the city, headed. All the shops were closed, and I think it is run by Nobel Peace Prize winner had read about was to go to a coffee shop. When I got there, too, was closed. In the end (especially in the winter, and it was beautiful) Kloof Street and ran off with a big pot of tea and told me that it is a good day, a good conversation with the boss, that was a beautiful, hip neighborhood made it to the shop and head off to the beach. In a beach town in the heart of Cape Town is a city that is realized. It was also underwhelmed by the Cape Town was the last time during the trip.

What were some unforgettable experiences?

I think that the city is famous one made it to the top of Table Mountain. A bright blue sky without clouds – bright day was flawless. In this world you can make the most of one of the points which makes Abseil 3,000 feet, it is to try Abseiling. Rappel 300 feet around it, and I myself as less, just hanging, stopped and took in a panoramic view. Here, I was finally in Africa.

Do you have recommendations for things to do in Cape Town?

Atlantis is heading out of the sand dunes and a 4 × 4 ride. Of course, what you are, – the environment you many, many times as you feel. The ride is not for the faint of heart, I believe we were going to roll the car, but drivers are professionals, so we (I think) was always safe. The only amusement park thrill rides and says nothing.

Any tips for planning a trip to Cape Town?

Cape Town is known for sure is that neighborhoods hit the beach. All along the coast, a public train system skirt, then you can stop along the way. And exactly which version of BBQ tries out authentic South African Braai, Mzoli a place to go to. Bring your own beer, and then mixes by one of the masters at the inquiry counter of a butcher, the meat. Cape Town is an adventurer’s paradise found. Surfing, etc., rappelling – – you are a lot of games, but when you are in your area. Mzoli’s really getting me out, dance, eat and drink with real people like.


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