Top things to do in Johannesburg – Fly ABS

JOHANNESBURG long break the shackles of the past and is now one of the trendiest cities, visiting South Africa to discover this fascinating city would be complete without spending some time. The Joburg (or Jozi’s, Joeys, or JHB) truly Street cafe, restaurant, and hundreds of Hangouts have become a foodie mecca. Action and adventure have been never far away and you have your choice’re bound to find an activity. Here to make the most of your trip to Johannesburg five tips.

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Catch the vibe at 4th Avenue in Parkhurst

This phenomenon Avenue and the neighborhood with food for every taste enhanced offers a large variety of restaurants and shops. All Hip and 4th Avenue is eyeing up the local where you can enjoy designer burger – favorite espresso or breakfast in the Wolfpack. We also have a great evening out, heading down here to recommend.

Watch the sun paint the sky

Johannesburg is known for its spectacular storm, but a beautiful sunset in the city is equally mesmerizing experience. Celebrity Northcliff water tower at the top, Northcliff hill all the way to the fading light of Joburg’s no better place to catch a glimpse is not. Take a picnic basket or at least some drinks to make it a truly wonderful sun downer note.

Cycle the streets of Soweto

If you are in Johannesburg, Soweto, you simply must visit. This vibrant, colorful town is filled with history, and we certainly see that two wheels are recommended. Enjoy a traditional lunch and mingling with the locals and experience the vibe of a local Shebeen, and South Africa is considered to have a taste of real food: a braai (barbecue). The Vilikazi Street Sakhumzi restaurant is always a firm favorite and promises a good time outdoors. Fun Fact: Vilikazi Street only street in the world where two Nobel Prize winners have lived – this is the former home of Nelson Mandela, and Archbishop Desmond Tutu lived here.

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Stroll through the Maboneng Precinct

  (“Place of light” means) Maboneng Johannesburg is located on the east side of the CBD. Once a dilapidated area, now the architect, fashionistas, free spirits, and food lovers in a very sought-after neighborhood has changed. This community development project is a real success story and the Joburg ability and magic shows. Maboneng a large variety of interesting shops and art studios, and South Africa is one of the best food markets in the ever popular market (open every Sunday morning), it is home to.

Visit the Sterkfontein Caves

You could travel back in time? This site will take you back to the origins of man. Whether or not you are a staunch believer Darwin, cradle of mankind and the Sterkfontein caves are well worth a visit and a world of new possibilities will open up your mind. You through turns and narrow passages and squeeze as large cave room, you pre-historic humans oldest pieces of evidence was the discovery of a UNESCO World Heritage site, where history and archeology I’ll find out about the discovery, Mrs. “scalp dance.”


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