The Sanctifying vibrancy of African Dance

Dance has a significant role in African tradition and ethnicity. It is an essential culture of tribal legacy. Apart of entertainment, typical African dance moves converse passion, rejoice the routes of rites and strengthen the bond within the mores. It is a blend of fun and power vibes accompanied with the rhythm of beats.

African Dance

An expression of Multiple Sensations :

Throughout the Cheap flights to Africa continent, dance is used as a recreational entertainment that edifies social patterns and values the community –an expression of religious beliefs and spirituality. Each tribe and community has its own signature dance moves for diverse events. They dance when a child is born, a bride is been prepared, a pray for better rains, rejoice of better crops, to curse evil and even to ward off diseases and danger

Categories of African Dance :

African dances are categorized in three general styles –chronological, cultural and social, and sacred and ritual.

Chronological styles :

Chronological styles

Major forms of ancient dances include Adzogbo. It is an epic dance style originally performed as a divine prep of war. Another ancient Foh and Ewe war dance is called Agbekor. It is a post war performance for funerals.

Cultural Styles :

Cultural Styles

Togo Atsia–A subtle women dance move used t present their perspective on social issues to the community. Dancers use horse tails as props.

Anyako Atsia –is the popular circle dance features on songs about community, pride, spirit and morality.

Gahu –is another vibrant circle dance of Nigeria. Dancers doll up in classy robes and headgear showing pride. Apparently it makes fun of all foreigners and their odd behaviors amongst other things.


Nan Dom Bawa –is a harvest celebration or thanksgiving dance of Lobi tribe of Ghana.

Tokoe –is a coming-of-age dance for girls celebrated on reaching puberty. Simple yet chic moves are performed to present a new woman to the community.

Kpanlogo –is more like a drum performance. Vibrant and lively dancing is performed amidst the rhythmic bass of drums. It’s a highlife dance form.

African Dance

Sacred styles :

Sacred styles

Agovu –a slow move performance that resembles “knock at the door” to admittance for ancestral sprits.

Adavu –a powerful possession that is performed as a suite.

Sogba –is social dance music, performed to show peaceful fellowship between community and tribes.

Afa –it is taken as a religious sect. it is performed before any social event to sanctify. It is like a prayer before any important event.

The legend continues :

African Dance

Though western and Arabic culture have revolutionized and evolved ancient Flight To Africa culture, still several African dances have acquired global fame. Some dance companies have accompanied West African dance in their regular performances and helped in preserving the traditions and cultures of Africa across the world.


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